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Are radar and laser detectors legal?

In the United States, radar and laser detectors are legal in passenger vehicles and motorcycles in all states with the exception of Virginia, Washington D.C., and military bases. Radar and laser detectors are illegal in the U.S. in commercial vehicles weighing over 10,000 lbs.

In Canada, radar and laser detectors are legal in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

How well does the TPX™ Motorcycle Radar and Laser System perform?

The TPX™ System has been performance certified by Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc. Speed Measurement Laboratories is an independent laboratory that specializes in the testing of radar and laser detectors. It is regarded by many as the foremost expert in the industry. This special certification is only granted to those products that pass a rigorous performance criterion.
See test results here.

How is the TPX™ System different than other radar detectors?

The TPX™ is a fully customizable, complete System designed specifically for motorcycles. It safely and effectively alerts you to police radar and laser signals. In addition, its angled LCD, large buttons, and water, vibration, and shock resistant design all add up to a combination of features you won’t find in other radar detector systems.

Simply put, we’ve thought of everything.

What accessories do I need other than the TPX™ Radar Detector System?

You will need a Mount. Check out our AdaptivMounts™ to find the appropriate mount for your bike. You may also want to consider getting the Wireless Headset in addition of the provided Visual Alert.

If you have an existing communication or audio system that you want to connect the TPX™ System to, contact your communication or audio system manufacturer to determine the appropriate wiring connector. The TPX™ System provides a 3.5mm mono, female output jack for this purpose.

Can I use the Wireless Headset and the Visual Alert together?

Yes. Many of our customer prefer the dual alerts.

How do I mount the Main Console?

Check out our AdaptivMounts™ to find the appropriate mount for your bike. Alternatively, the TPX™ System is compatible with just about any other third party mounting system such as Techmount® or RAM® Mount.*

*Techmount is a registered trademark of High Gear Specialties, Inc., and RAM Mount is a registered trademark of National Products, Inc. Adaptiv Technologies™ is not affiliated with HighGear Specialties, Inc. or National Products, Inc.

Can I use the TPX™ System in more than one motorcycle or in my car?

Yes. The TPX™ System is designed to be easily removable for use in multiple vehicles. If you want to use the System in another motorcycle, you will need to purchase an additional TPX™ Wiring Harness, TPX™ Quick Release Mount Plate, and TPX™ Visual Alert for each bike.

If you want to use the TPX™ System in a car, you will need to purchase the TPX™ Automotive Kit. Note that the angled LCD screen is optimized for motorcycle riding positions. While all the features will work in a car, it may be difficult to see the LCD screen when mounted on some dashboards.

Will using the TPX™ System guarantee that I won’t get a speeding ticket?

We wish we could say yes, but the answer is no. While the TPX™ System is extremely effective in detecting police radar and laser signals, there are a number of other methods that law enforcement agencies occasionally use to enforce speed limits that do not include the use of radar or laser.

Can I mount the TPX™ System behind my tinted windscreen or fairing?

The TPX™ System will work perfectly fine behind the windscreen, even if it’s tinted. However, having it behind a solid object, such as the fairing, will affect its laser detection performance.

Can I use the TPX™ System with a Bluetooth Headset or other Bluetooth System?

The TPX™ System is not Bluetooth and is designed to be used with the TPX™ Wireless Headset. However, the System can be made Bluetooth compatible by plugging a 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter dongle into the AUX Out port of the Wiring Harness.

A word of caution: Please check with your Bluetooth Manufacturer to make sure you will be getting the sound you want. Some headsets or other devices can only communicate with one product at a time!

What is the warranty period for the TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System?

1 year from date of purchase.

Where can I buy such an exquisite product?

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Why would I want a laser jammer?

Because we said so. Also, the light beam from a laser gun is narrow and does not scatter like radar. This means that when your radar/laser detector first beeps, the officer is targeting you and already has your speed reading. A laser jammer will prevent the laser gun from obtaining a speed reading, allowing you to adjust your speed if necessary.

How well does the TPX™ Laser Jammer System perform?

The TPX™ Laser Jammer System is powered by Blinder®, the undisputed, world leader in laser jamming technology. Each year, Blinder® jammers outperform all other jammers when tested by Speed Measurements Laboratories, the leading independent speed-countermeasure testing lab. Check out how the TPX™ Laser Jammer System performed in the last SML Shootout here.

Won’t the officer be angry if his gun is jammed?

Not if he doesn’t know. When the TPX™ Laser Jammer System detects a laser signal, it automatically sends out a jamming signal and alerts the rider. This jamming signal remains on for 7 seconds. During this time, you can adjust your speed as necessary. After 7 seconds, the Laser Jammer turns off the jamming signal. This allows the officer to obtain a proper speed reading, but by then you will already have slowed down!

Can the TPX™ Laser Jammer be updated?

Yes. The System has a USB input. Updates can be downloaded on our Support page.

Can the TPX™ Laser Jammer System be used by itself?

Yes, the TPX™ Laser Jammer System can be used as a standalone system. However, it works great as a plug and play addition to the TPX™ Motorcycle Radar and Laser Detection System. This configuration simplifies all controls and displays.

How will I know that I’m being targeted with a laser gun?

The TPX™ Laser Jammer system includes a flashing visual alert. The visual alert consists of 3 high-intensity LEDs that can be mounted on top of the gauges, underneath the windscreen, or on the handlebars. It is very similar to a shift light. Additionally, the system has a 3.5mm mono audio output jack for easy integration with a sound or communication system.

If you are using the TPX™ Laser Jammer System with the TPX™ Radar and Laser Detection System, the alerts from the Laser Jammer will piggy-back off the alerts used for the Radar Detector.

What is the warranty period for the TPX™ Laser Jammer?

1 year from date of purchase.

Can I install the TPX™ Laser Jammer myself?

If you are handy, yes. The power is spliced into a hot-wire and ground. The Transponder(s) is/are mounted to the bike (drilling required) with the included hardware. The Visual Alert is mounted with included double sided tape. Everything else is just connecting plugs and running wires. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, just have your dealer install it.

Are Laser Jammers legal?

In the US, laser jammers are legal everywhere except California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington DC. Legality outside of the US varies. Please check your local and national laws.

What about rear detection?

The TPX™ Laser Jammer System includes one Transponder intended for use on the front of the motorcycle, where most laser signals will be encountered. For rear coverage, a second Transponder and License Plate Bracket can be purchased. The system is already designed for this add-on, so it is simply a matter of mounting the Transponder and plugging it in.

Will the TPX™ Laser Jammer System work in my country?

Yes. The system has been tested and confirmed to jam every model laser gun currently produced, regardless of location.

What’s the difference between Laser and LIDAR?

Same sh*t different name.

radar detector
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Which AdaptivMount™ do I need for my bike?

Check out our Mount Chart for the appropriate AdaptivMount™.

Which cradle do I need for my gadget?

How do I mount my gadget to the AdaptivMount™?

  1. The small holes in the top plate are known as AMPS pattern holes and can accommodate #8 or M4 screws. Many gadgets on the market today have adopted this standard and their cradles will fasten directly through these holes. All AdaptivMount™ Cradles utilize these holes.
  2. The larger hole in the top plate will accommodate a ¼” or M6 screw, commonly used for cameras.
  3. Use double sided adhesive tape, or Velcro®

I can’t find my bike on your Mount Chart, what gives?

We are constantly working on more applications. If you can’t find your bike on our Mount Chart, send us a send us a note or call 866-Adaptiv (866-232-7848) to see if we have something else for you.

What is the maximum height of the AdaptivMount™?

Approximately 4” from the top of the mounting surface.

Where can I buy such an exquisite product?

GlowRider Jacket
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Is the GlowRider™ jacket waterproof?

Yes, but don’t go swimming in it.

How long will the battery last?

Over 10 hours on a full charge.

How long is the warranty?

1 year from date of purchase. Proof of purchase required for all warranty claims.

Can I clean the GlowRider™ jacket?

Yes. It can be hand washed and air dried, but you’ll need to remove the armor and the battery pack first.

Can I exchange the jacket if it doesn’t fit me right?

Sorry, you are SOL. Just kidding. If you purchased it directly from our website, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll take care of it for you. If you purchased it from an authorized retailer, please contact them for returns or exchanges. All exchanges through Adaptiv must be made within 30 days of purchase.

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How can I purchase your products?

I live outside the US. How can I purchase your products?

Download and complete this form and email it back to us. We’ll provide you with your shipping options and final cost. Alternatively, you can give us a call at 646-722-0253 or see if you are lucky enough to have one of our international dealers near you by clicking here.

Do you offer military discounts?

We support our armed services and offer 5% military discounts with military ID.

Do you offer group buy discounts?

We support riding groups and offer special discounts for group buys. Send us an email, or call us at 646-722-0253 for more information.

What are your shipping, return, and warranty policies?

Where can I find an Adaptiv™ Dealer?

I own a store. How can I get information on becoming an Adaptiv™ Dealer?

Send us an email with your contact info or call us at 646-722-0253 and we’ll send you info.

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